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Do you have used car dealer's, repair service or just available financial means to invest? If answer to any of these questions is YES, you are welcome to cooperate with us. Vehicle import from overseas has a really high profitability compared to import of cars from the Western Europe. Vehicles at auctions in the US and Canada can be purchased at very low prices, and thus one may earn good money on them. Many people choose this path as an additional source of income. You do not have to be a specialist in the automotive industry and imports. We can help at every stage:
  • we advise what car models are the best to buy
  • we deal with comprehensive import of cars, together with delivery to the address indicated in Poland
  • we assist in the organization of parts for repair
  • we can offer a comprehensive repair in our workshop
  • we also help at the stage of car sales
For people and businesses that undertake permanent cooperation with us, we offer very attractive prices of our services, determined individually, depending on the number of imported vehicles.


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